University diploma of French studies



Online registrations for the Academic Year 2024-2025 will open from March 1 to July 1, 2024.

Meet us on Campus1, on the 2nd floor of the Maison des Langues et de l’International in Espace AAPI (Li 248).
Office hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9 am to noon and 1:30 to 4:30 pm. Closed to the public on Wednesdays.
You can contact us by e-mail:
or by phone at +33 (0)2 31 56 59 61

The University diploma of French studies (DUEF) is a semester-long program for learning or perfecting the French language.

It is offered for the following levels:

For the DUEF B2 & C1, two tracks are available, provided that a sufficient number of participants are registered (see program fact sheet):

  • Langage & Culture
  • French for academic purposes

The DUEF is open to anyone over 18 holding a diploma or qualification recognized as equivalent to the French baccalauréat.

Registration deadlines

  • Semester 1 or full year 2024/25  : from March 1st until July 1st, 2024.
  • Semester 2 2024/25 only:  will open in Fall 2024.

This procedure is only valid for the DUEF. It does not constitute pre-registration for other courses at the University of Caen Normandy.

Upon pre-registration, candidates must certify of their French proficiency (DELF/DALF, TCF, TEF) or take the online test provided by the Carré international. They will be assessed a 2nd time on arrival to determine their final level of placement.

As the DUEF duration is over 3 months, it requires a long-stay study visa: depending on their country of origin, candidates may be required to present a pre-admission certificate and official certification of their French proficiency before applying for a visa (DELF/DALF, TCF, TEF…).

  • Semester 1 or semester 2: € 1,512
  • Full year: € 2,808 (instead of € 3,024)

+ University registration fee:  170 *
+ CVEC (Student and Campus Life Tax): € 100*

For your information, student social security is compulsory for all students under 28 who are not nationals of a European Union country.
If you are a job-seeker registered with Pôle Emploi or an employee of a company in France and would like to apply for continuing education funding, please contact us directly at

*2023-2024 rates for information

Students enrolled in the DUEF program can request a furnished room at the Carré international, which offers 2 types:

The allocation of accommodation depends on housing availability and payment deadlines. It is therefore not systematic.

Housing requests must be made when pre-registering online, by selecting “YES” in the “Would you like accommodation?” section.

The request will be processed by our program officers, who will provide detailed information about the procedure. If you have any questions, please contact:

2024-2025 DUEF schedule

The DUEF is organized around 12 weeks of face-to-face classes (216 hours) and a compulsory week of exams.

  • Semester 1: September 9 – December 20, 2024 included
  • Semester 2: January 13 – May 2, 2025 included

Student handbook

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