Whether you are an experienced athlete or a more occasional sportsman, there will be sports at UNICAEN! In parallel to your studies, you can continue to practice your favorite sport or discover new activites thanks to the SUAPS – University Service of Physical and Sports Activities.

At the beginning of each academic year, the SUAPS organizes a day called “Tous au sport” which allows students to discover the numerous sports and activities offered:

  • Aquatic activities
  • Expressive activities (yoga, dance…)
  • Fitness and weight training
  • Outdoor activities
  • Team sports
  • Combat sports and martial arts

The SUAPS also offers week-long excursions (winter sports courses in the Alps, paragliding courses, etc.) as well as events throughout the year (Wellness Week, Sports Night, etc.).

To take advantage of SUAPS services, you must register online (with your digital account) or at the SUAPS secretariat and pay an annual fee of 30€. You will then be able to register for 2 to 3 courses among the many activities offered on each university site.

Learn more about the SUAPS (activities, calendar, registration etc.)


Each site of the UNICAEN network is anchored in communities that also offer numerous sports activities and events and provide facilities accessible to all.

Ssepcial feel deductions might apply to students.