Local transportation


Caen has an urban transport network operated by the company TWISTO.

Streetcars and buses will take you all over the territory of Caen-la-Mer, including to the beach at the end of line 12!

The tram serves all Caen campuses and university residences and its lines pass by the SNCF train & bus stations.

The Noctibus, the night version of the Twisto buses, serves the nightlife areas of Caen and Hérouville Saint-Clair, as well as the main university campuses.

A single trip costs €1.80 (valid for one hour). You can also travel at a lower cost by opting for a book of 10 tickets, a 24-hour ticket or a monthly subscription (from €22/month).

You can meet our Twisto partner on campus during our Welcome Forums organized in September and January. 

Cycling is an excellent way to discover Caen and its surroundings. Numerous bicycle paths wind through the city to make your urban travel safer and the greenways allow you to pedal in peace to the sea or the countryside, far from the horns and exhaust fumes.

If you want to buy, rent or repair a second-hand bike, or discover the cycle paths, visit the the Maison du vélo at the Rives de l’Orne, near the train station.

The company Twisto also offers various bike rental packages.

Caen is not such a big city after all and it is easy to walk almost everywhere whithin the city center :

  • 30-minute walk from campus 1 to the SNCF train station
  • the city center is only 5 minutes away from Campus 1 by cutting through the castle of William the Conqueror.

All in all, Caen is a city where it feels good to walk!

The distant campuses of Cherbourg and Alençon both have a city bus network:

From the D-Day beaches to the fishing village of Honfleur and the picturesque Normandy bocage, Normandy is a region of heritage that is worth discovering for the day or the weekend.

The NOMAD bus network allows you to explore the department at low prices. From the Caen bus station you can discover Honfleur, the medieval castle of Falaise, the Bayeux Tapestry or the D-Day landing beaches.

All info on the NOMAD website

Cycling allows you to venture beyond the main roads and wander in the middle of nature. From Caen, the greenway takes you to the beach of Ouistreham in the north and to the cliffs of Clécy in the south.

The Calvados Tourism website offers many circuits for all levels.

Walking is still the easiest and most economical way to get around.

Visit the Normandie Tourisme website to prepare your next walks and hikes.

From the Caen train station, the SNCF network lines will take you from the Mont Saint-Michel (Dol de Bretagne stop), to the Cotentin (Caen-Cherbourg line) or to Rouen, the other big city in Normandy.