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The Euraxess Centre facilitates the integration of international researchers


How do I apply for a visa? Where to stay? How do I open a bank account? These are just some of the questions that foreign researchers face when they arrive at the University of Caen Normandy. The Euraxess centre is there to assist them with these sometimes lengthy and often tedious procedures. Meet Emmanuel Buteau, coordinator of the Euraxess Centre.

What are the missions of Euraxess?

Every year, foreign researchers come to the University of Caen Normandy to participate in the scientific activities of our research laboratories. The Euraxess centre is a one-stop office that provides free, personalised assistance with the administrative formalities necessary for the arrival, settlement, and integration of international researchers. This includes tasks such as joining the social security system, applying for a visa or residence permit, opening a bank account, finding accommodation, registering children in nursery or school, declaring taxes, and obtaining insurance coverage… Euraxess is the point of contact for all their questions and needs.

Is the service provided by Euraxess intended for all international researchers?

Yes, of course, foreign PhD students, post-docs, researchers, and lecturers are all welcome to contact us. Ideally, the host research laboratory should reach out to us as soon as possible so that we can address any issues promptly. Naturally, the needs differ between a researcher invited for a conference and a doctoral student conducting three years of research on site. We have also provided assistance to a Ukrainian researcher and a Russian researcher hosted under the PAUSE programme. In the period 2022-2023, Euraxess supported approximately one hundred researchers. Furthermore, we already know that approximately forty doctoral and post-doctoral students will be arriving at the university between now and November 2023.

You also provide a programme of events open to all international researchers.

Yes, it’s a project we’ve been working on for several months. The concept is to provide tours and events that allow foreign researchers not only to explore their new city and region but also to foster integration and connect with new acquaintances. The Euraxess centre is situated within the AAPI (Accueil et Accompagnement des Publics Internationaux) office of the Maison des langues et de l’international – a space for interaction and relaxation accessible to all foreign students and researchers. In addition to handling administrative procedures, our goal is to animate this community of international researchers.