Sustainability and holistic assessment of technologies and biotechnologies

Début : 23/03/2011
Fin : 26/03/2011

Objective and presentations: Specialists will be invited in sociology, biology, microbiology, biotechnology, nuclear energy, environmental and liability laws (with lawyers, jurists), ecology, ecotoxicology, chemistry, geography, agronomy, medicine, psychology... because they are multidisciplinary centers studying these risks on technologies and biotechnologies and pesticides.

This will be under the presidency of Corinne Lepage, former CRIIGEN president and actual vice-president for the environmental affairs of the European Parliament, former minister of ecology in France and actual reviewer of the directive 2001/18 on GMOs, for a new directive.

Transparency in assessment, as well as how to include the civil society in assessment of GMOs, nanotechnologies and nuclear energy, will be debated issues.

The goal is how to better reach a "Sustainability and holistic assessment of technologies and biotechnologies" together with the civil society and taking into account sustainable environment and health.

The same question will be asked to all speakers, in all topics: "How can be reached a better sustainable environment by assessment of modern technologies and biotechnologies?"
Lectures are on present risk assessments of technologies and biotechnologies, and legal/policy instruments to reach holistic assessments for a sustainable environment, with public participation. There will be posters sessions and presentations. Practical examples are welcomed. This will be used to implement and propose new international regulations, beginning by the European legislation.