Database of Norman Medieval documents


Caen, Archives départementales du Calvados, H 912-1.

SCRIPTA is the acronym of “Site Caennais de Recherche Informatique et de Publication des Textes Anciens”, which means Website from Caen of computing research on ancient texts.

Pierre Bauduin is the director of SCRIPTA.

Scripta is a database of norman documents from the 10th-13th Centuries. SCRIPTA is one of the productions (with the e-journal Tabularia and the E-Cartae project) of the research programme “Textual sources and writing production in Medieval Normandy” (Centre Michel de Boüard-CRAHAM).

This online edition of the database, published with the Pleade software, is the second version to be available in open access. The database includes about 9800 documents, taken from old editions, enriched by newly edited charters adn digital reproductions of orginals. Other corpus will enrich the database, partly with unpublished documents.

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