A selection of conference papers was published in Polysèmes n°17, 2017:



Time's Excesses and Eccentricities in Music, Literature and Art

Caen, France, 27-28 May 2011

This international conference is intended to explore how time may be represented aesthetically in excessive, eccentric and unthinkable ways. Art appears to have found a means of getting around time's dilemmas by depicting it as irrational or portraying the impossibility of getting a firm grasp of it. In art, time has long been shaped as something out of proportion, excessive, or even violent, which is evidenced by works such as Saturn Devouring his Son.

Time's excesses and peculiarities give rise to the idea of the unthinkable some works of art present us with by means of illogical, absurd or incoherent portrayal of time. Possible studies could incorporate analyses of inconceivable itineraries or durations, overblown time contradictions, or simply incorrect and irrational temporalities.

Is time to be apprehended only through excessive, extravagant and irrational representations? Does art show us that time can be perceptible exclusively when it borders on madness?

This interdisciplinary conference will give special consideration to papers grounded in language, literature and cultural studies, musicology, philosophy, aesthetics, arts, history of ideas.