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  • Maître de Conférences, Université Allemande du Sport de Cologne, Département Psychologie de la Performance
  • Psychologue


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Research statistics / Statistiques bibliométriques 


Paper with the highest impact factor : 5.14

h-index Web of Science : 6

h-index Google Scholar : 7


Ad-hoc Reviewer / Activités d’Expertise


·      Annals of Sports Medicine and Research

·      British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioural Science

·      Experimental Psychology

·      Frontiers in Psychology, section Performance Science

·      Instructional Science

·      International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology

·      International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology

·      Issues in Business Management and Economics

·      Journal of Applied Sport Psychology

·      Journal of Global Economics, Management and Business Research

·      Journal of Psychology & Psychotherapy

·      Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport

·      Journal of Sports Sciences

·      Learning and Individual Differences

·      Personality and Individual Differences

·      Perceptual & Motor Skills

·      Psychology of Sport and Exercise

·      Review of Public Administration and Management

·      Scientific Reports (Nature)

·      Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology


Reviewer for International Governmental Research Agencies / Expert pour des agences de recherche internationales


  • National Science Center, Poland


Section Editor Assistant / Assistant éditeur de section de revues internationales

·      International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, on the behalf of Prof. Dr. Dr. Markus Raab

Papers in Peer-Reviewed Journals / Revues Internationales à Comité de Lecture


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* the authors contributed equally to this work

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Special Issue – Peer-Reviewed Journals / Numéros Spéciaux - Revues à Comité de Lecture


Laborde, S., Dosseville, F., & Raab, M. (2013). Emotions and decision making in sports. (Special Issue) International Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology.


Dosseville, F., Laborde, S. (in press). Sport officials. Movement & Sport Sciences


Papers in Non-English Speaking Peer-Reviewed Journals

Dosseville, F., Laborde, S., Traclet, A., & Edoh, K. (2011). Décisions arbitrales en football et performances physiques en situation écologique : Indicateurs comportementaux et physiologiques. Revue STAPS, 93, 51-60.

Popular Psychology / Revues de Vulgarisation


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Books / Ouvrages


Dosseville, A., Laborde, S. (2011) Les facettes de l'arbitrage: problématiques et recherches actuelles. (Current Research in Referees). Paris : Publibook


Laborde, S. (2003) Le Tour de sa Vie en 23 jours, Editions Le Manuscrit : Paris


Book Chapters / Chapitres d’ouvrage


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