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Professeur d'histoire moderne, Université de Caen

Membre de l'équipe HISTEMÉ (Environnement & Sociétés)
Membre de l'équipe OUEN

Responsable du pôle Sociétés et espaces ruraux

  • Membre honoraire de l'Institut Universitaire de France
  • Co-directeur du Pôle Sociétés et Espaces Ruraux à la MRSH de Caen
  • Enseignant-chercheur au Laboratoire HisTeMé-EA 7455 (ex CRHQ) 
  • Responsable du Site internet : Homme et loup. 2000 ans d’Histoire

Personal Bio-Bibliography

Jean-Marc Moriceau
Professor at University of Caen

Senior member of the IUF
(French University Institute)

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DOB: 20 October 1956 in Paris (XVIIth arrt)
 Married – 3 children.


A professor at Caen University and founder-president of the Rural Societies History Association, Jean-Marc Moriceau is an expert in rural history, who was supported by Fernand Braudel. He is director of the journal Histoire et Sociétés Rurales (42 issues published) and of the Caen Rural Humanities Centre (UMS CNRS 3486), a leading interdisciplinary site which houses the Ministry of Agriculture library.

    For the first time he envisaged the wolf as a scientific object for history as an indicator of the relationship between humans and their space embracing problems of historical ecology of wildlife and rural history of environmental management
Leader of a Europe-wide investigation on man and wolf, his work concerns social history, agricultural history, and environmental history. Since 1994 he manages Rural Research Group of CRHQ (CNRS Research Center, UMR CNRS 6583).

He wrote numerous books and publications in the field. In 2014, he published the proceedings of the symposium Living with Wolves? 3000 years of conflict, which he organised, and he launched the Man and Wolf website. According to Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, he is “the great historian of rural societies and wolves”.

    Since April 2004 he is Director of the website Man and Wolf: 2000 Years of History ( The first of its kind, this site brings together a corpus of 3000 human victims of predatory wolves over 85 French departments, from the 15th century to 1918 (10000 research consultations in 9 months).

       Invited to many conferences, he has just edited a work on peasant memory (Rural Secrets, published by Perrin) and organised an international conference from 8 to 10 October 2014 on Small Farmers from the Neolithic Period to the Present Day (70 participants). In May 2015, he just has published Wolf in Questions. Fantasy and Reality, ed. Buchet-Chastel.

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