Our team

Cédric Chambru is post-doctoral researcher in Economic History at the University of Zurich. His research spans political economy and economic history. More specifically, his research focuses on social conflict during the Old Regime, climate history, living standards during the Industrial Revolution, and colonial history.

Paul Maneuvrier-Hervieu is PhD candidate in history at the University of Caen-Normandie. His research focuses on the social and economic history of Normandy in the 18th century, living standards during the Industrial Revolution, and the soldiers of World War II.

Scientific committee

  • Michel Biard (Professor at University of Rouen-Normandie)
  • Pierre-Yves Buard (Head of the Digital Cluster of the MRSH - University of Caen-Normandie)
  • Pascal Buléon (Head of the MRSH of the University of Caen-Normandie)
  • Mathieu Couttenier (Professor at University of Lyon, ENS Lyon)
  • Michael Huberman (Professor at University of Montreal)
  • Jean-Marc Moriceau (Professor at University of Caen-Normandie)

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