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The Digital Library of the Mont Saint-Michel is grounded in a set of works initiated by Pierre Bouet, Honorary Lecturer, Honorary director of the Office universitaire d'études normandes of the University of Caen Normandie and Jean-Luc Leservoisier.

It is based on a partnership of which are jointly responsible:

  • for the Ville d’Avranches: Julie Romain (director of the Museum and the Heritage service, Avranches) and Stéphane Lecouteux (Head of the Heritage Library of Avranches);
  • for the Centre Michel de Boüard (UMR 6273): Catherine Jacquemard (professor (Langue et littérature latines)) et Marie Bisson (engineer).
  • for the Maison de la Recherches en sciences humaines (USR 3286: pôle Document numérique et Ouen): Pierre-Yves Buard (manager of the pôle Document numérique), Marie Bisson (engineer) et Marie-Agnès Lucas-Avenel (lecturer (Langue et littérature latine)).

Work or worked for the constitution of the digital Library of the Mont Saint-Michel:

  • at the Centre Michel de Boüard and at the Ouen: Marie Bisson, Pierre Bouet, Thierry Buquet, Louis Chevalier, Olivier Desbordes, Brigitte Gauvin, Catherine Jacquemard, Marie-Agnès Lucas-Avenel;
  • at the pôle Document numérique: Marie Bisson, Pierre-Yves Buard, Céline Chuiton, Anne Goloubkoff, Coline Pignat, Subha-Sree Pasupathy;
  • in Avranches (Bibliothèque patrimoniale, Scriptorial): Barbara Denis-Morel, Fabienne Dorey, Cerise Fedini, Déborah Laisney, Stéphane Lecouteux, Jean-Luc Leservoisier.
  • With the assistance of the students of Master: Valentin Breillot, Séléné Godard, Annabelle Mukendi, Laurence Pelc, Julie Roulland, Victor Saillard.
  • With the assistance of iconography and illumination specialists of IRHT: Patricia Stirnemann et Claudia Rabel.


The program of Digital Library of the Mont Saint-Michelis a part of a research cooperation agreement signed on the 10th july 2009 between the town of Avranches, the University of Caen Normandie and the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) for the study and the valorisation of the heritage properties preserved in Avranches.

Design and implementation of the prototype

Within this framework, the town of Avranches, the Centre Michel de Boüard (UMR 6273) and the MRSH of Caen (USR 3486: pôle Document numérique et Office universitaire des Études normandes) responded to the call for projects 2011 « Patrimoine écrit » of the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication on a proposal of « Bibliothèque virtuelle du Mont Saint-Michel. Phase 1: conception d’un outil et catalogage en EAD d’une première partie des fonds manuscrits et imprimés de l’abbaye ». The co-fundings received for this operation (Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Ville d’Avranches et Université de Caen Normandie), enabled, in 2011-2013, the design and the feasibility tests of the prototype version. The experimentation and the information supply for the same purpose, continued in 2013-2014 on the own ressources of the town of Avranches and the University of Caen Normandie and with the help of Fonds européen de développement régional (FEDER).

Prototype to website

In January 2014, a course version was presented before an expert panel to agree the required adjustments for the public availability: Charlotte Denoël, Curator, Head of the service of medieval manuscripts, Bibliothèque nationale de France; Véronique Gazeau, Professor of Medieval History Université of Caen Normandie; Christian Heck, Professor of Medieval Art History, Lilles III; Bernard Huchet, Curator, Head of the service of Normandy and Heritage documentation, Bibliothèque municipale de Caen; Monique Huin-Peyrafort, Research Engineer, IRHT, service of codicology; Patrick Latour, curator, deputy directeur, in charge of bibliographical processing of the modern printed holdings, bibliothèque Mazarine

Digitalization campaign 2016-2017

In 2015, the program Digital Library of the Mont Saint-Michel was selected to be part of the partner projects of the Equipex Biblissima: Equipex Biblissima is an observatory for the written heritage of middle-age and the Renaissance, built with the help of the programme des Investissements d’avenir. A new digitalization campaign (october 2016-janvary 2017) was therefore financed, this enabled to complet the digitalization of all the manuscripts of the Mont preserved in Avranches and the online publication of the catalog and the digital fac-simile.

Ongoing research at the Centre Michel de Bouärd and at the MRSH of Caen

The Digital library of the Mont Saint-Michel designed in partnership with the town of Avranches is one of the modules of the research program Ex monasterio Montis Sancti Michaelis: textes, matériaux et instruments pour une histoire de la bibliothèque du Mont Saint-Michel defined by the Centre Michel de Boüard and the MRSH of Caen. This program aims at the establishment of electronic edition, hosted on the servers of the university of Caen. Planned to be developped on the duration, it was designed to be enriched with developments granted with certain degree of autonomy, but inevitably complementary and interoperable. Presently, several projects in coordination with Marie Bisson are going on:

  • the Digital library of the Mont Saint-Michel;
  • publication of old inventories;
  • publication of the texts of dom Thomas Le Roy.

This program lies as part of a thought on the tools and the methodologies of data structuring in XML led at the pôle Document numérique, under the responsability of Pierre-Yves Buard. The partnership with the pôle Document numérique enabled the implementation of transversal tools, for the establishment and the handling of datas, with the collaboration of the researchers of the Centre Michel de Bouärd (and the outside researchers, in particular, the members of the equipex Biblissima).

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