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The Poetry of Geoffrey Hill and Modernity
International Conference at The University of Caen
16-17 May 2003

Michel Deguy

Rüdiger Ahrens

University of Würzburg

Carole Birkan

University Denis Diderot (Paris VII)

Gilles Couderc

University of Caen

René Gallet

University of Caen

Jennifer Kilgore

University of Caen

John Lyon

University of Bristol

Peter McDonald

Christ Church, Oxford

Joanny Moulin

University of Provence (Aix Marseille I)

Jeffrey Wainwright

Manchester Metropolitan University

Peter K. Walker

Bishop of Ely (1977-1989)

Distinguished critics Harold Bloom and George Steiner have given homage to Hill's poetry, recognizing it to be one of the strongest corpora in contemporary literature. In English literature, Hill is thought to be the most remarkable figure of his generation. Hill's poetry works on a European scale, seeking to measure the cataclysms on the continent during the 20th Century, without pessimistic resignation. Multiple aspects of modernity (literary, historical, political, theological, philosophical) are declined in his poetry.

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