Networks in the British and Irish Periodical Press in the Long 19th century

Lieu : Amphithéâtre MRSH
Début : 26/03/2021 - 10:00
Fin : 26/03/2021 - 17:00





10h – Welcome and (virtual) coffee.

10H15 - Keynote address:

"Union Networks and the Great Dublin Strike of 1878" David Finkelstein (Plymouth)

  • 11H20 - Session 1: The politics of the press

             Chair: Christophe Gillissen

              Anne-Catherine de Bouvier (GREI) – Scope and models of Irish nationalism in The Nation (1845-48).

              Françoise Baillet (LSA) – “Invincible Brothers: The Pen and the Press in The Compositors’ Chronicle (1840-1843)”

              Olivier Coquelin (GREI) – “’As Passed by Censor’: Press and Labour Unrest in Revolutionary Ireland (1919-1923)”.

12h45: Lunch break

  • 14H: Session 2: Connections and Circulations

            Chair: Françoise Baillet

Michelle McNamara (Strasbourg) – "Breaking News? The Dublin Press's Dependence on the Postal Service in the early Nineteenth Century"

Tony Dex Odounga (Dijon) - "The implementation of women's agenda through a highly proactive press network: the case of The English Woman's Journal (1858-1864)."

Pascale Villate (LSA) – Expanding cultural networks: the bookstalls and libraries of W.H. Smith and Son, 1848-1900.

15h20: (virtual) tea/coffee break

  • 15H40: Session 3: Addressing otherness

            Chair: Anne-Catherine de Bouvier

Christophe Gillissen (GREI) – The Great Famine in The Times.

Bertrand Cardin (GREI) –"‘Irish as Paddy’s Pig’: the persistence of stereotypes". 


17h00. Closing remarks.


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