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Types of Electoral Systems. (Course)

André Blais, Professor of Political Science, University of Montréal

Dichotomous Collective Decision Making. (Course)

Annick Laruelle, Ikerbasque Research Professor in Economics, University of the Basque Country

Social Choice Theory. (Course)

Hans Peters, Professor in Economics, University of Maastricht

Complexity of Voting Systems. (Course)

Piotr Faliszewski, Professor in Computer Science, AGH University, Krakow

Experiments in Voting. (Course, experiment)

Jean François Laslier, Research Professor in Economics, CNRS and Paris School of Economics

Voting Rules and their Impact on Electoral Competition. (course)

Nicolas Sauger, Research Professor in Political Science, Sciences Po Paris:

Districting and Gerrymandering. (Course, References)

Andrea Scozzari, Professor of Mathematics and Operation Research, Università “Niccolò Cusano”:


André Blais Professor of Political Science, University of Montréal:

EuroVotePlus, An online experiments during the 2014 European Elections

Michel Le Breton, Toulouse School of Economics and IUF:

Analyzing Mixed Voting Rules

Jacques Traoré, Orange Labs:

An introduction to electronic voting, with an application to Single Tranferable Vote



Fatma Aslan: Monotonic extension of q-approval fallback bargaining. Joint with J. Lainé

Agustin Casas: Ideological extremism and primaries

Huihui Ding: A model of an incumbent's policymaking with conformism voters

Nora Ibarzabal: Abstention, null and blank votes in the Basque Country. Joint with A. Laruelle

Artyom Jelnov: Number of parties and existence of dominant parties. Joint with B. Peleg

 Eric Kamwa: Scoring rules over subsets of alternatives : Consistency and Paradoxes. Joint with V. Merlin

Daniel Karabekyan: Manipulability of Voting Rules for Impartial Anonymous Culture and Multiple Choice. Joint with F. Aleskerov, A. Ivanov and V. Yakuba

Alexander Mayer: Codecision in context: Implications for the balance of power in the EU. Joint with N. Maaser

Zephirin Nganmeni: Owen spatial power index : generalization to an arbitrary set of issues

Ali Ihsan Ozkes:  The Condorcet Jury Theorem under Cognitive Hierarchies: Theory and Experiments Joint with Y. Koriyama.

Ali Seyhun Saral: Algorithms for Computing Root Profiles

Oliwia Szczupska: Normative Properties of Approval Voting – An Experimental Approach




Marina Bannikova: Voting procedures with several stages

Markus Brill: On the Axiomatic Characterization of Runoff Voting Rules. Joint with R. Freeman and V. Conitzer

Maria Del Pino Ramos Sosa: Competition between ambiguous political parties. Joint with S. Puy

François Durand:  Making most voting systems meet the Condorcet criterion reduces their manipulability. Joint with F.Mathieu and L.Noirie.

Albin Erlanson: Strategy Proof Assignment of Divisible and Indivisible Ressources

Teresa Gonzalez-Arteaga: Borda-type codification of complete preorders and Mahalanobis disconsensus measures with J.C.R. Alcantud and R. de Andrès Calle

Alexander Ivanov: Coalitional Manipulability of Majority Relation-Based Social Choice Rules. Joint with F. Aleskerov, D. Karabekyan and V. Yakuba

Abhinaba Lahiri: Locating Public Bads in Neighbouring Countries. Joint with H. Peters and T. Storcken

Andrea Loreggia: Controlling elections by replacing candidates: theoretical and experimental results. Joint with N. Narodytska, F. Rossi, K. Brent Venable, T. WAlsh

Ilan Nehama: Approximately Classic Judgement Aggregation

Gillian Salerno: Decision Cycles and Externalities

Faty Mbaye Top: Do Scoring Run-off Rules Escape from the Participation Paradoxes under Single Peaked preferences ?  with E. Kamwa and V. Merlin

  Timothy Yeung: Legal Systems and Electoral Rules



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