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Publications 2015

ALBRECHT R, SEBAG D, VERRECCHIA E, 2015. Organic matter decomposition : bridging the gap between Rock-Eval pyrolysis and chemical characterization (CPMAS C-13 NMR). Biogeochemistry, 122, 101-110. (...)

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Publications 2014

AHMED AS, JARDANI A, REVIL A, DUPONT JP, 2014. Hydraulic conductivity field characterization from teh joint inversion of hydraulic heads and self-potential data. Water Resources Research, 50, (...)

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Publications 2013

ABCHA N, CRUMEYROLLE O, EZERSKY AB, MUTABAZI I, 2013. Velocity field of the spiral vortex flow in the Couette-Taylor system. European Physical Journal E, 36. (IF 1,82 ; Q2)

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Publications 2012

ANTHONY NM, MICKALA P, ABERNETHY KA, ATTEKE C, BISSIENGOU P, BRUFORD MW, DALLMEIER F, DECAENS T, DUDU A, FREEDMAN A, et al,.SEBAG D , et al. 2012. Biodiversity and conservation genetics research (...)

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Publications 2011

ANDRÉ JP, BARTHET Y, FERRANDINI M, FERRANDINI J, REYNAUD JY, TESSIER B, 2011. The Bonifacio formation (Miocene of Corsica) : transition from a wave- to tide-dominated coastal system in mixed (...)

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Publications 2010

AMORESE D, GRASSO JR, RYDELEK PA, 2010. On varying b-values with depth : results from computer-intensive tests for Southern California. Geophysical Journal International, 180, 347–360.(IF 2,41 ; (...)

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Publications 2016

AHMED AS., JARDANI A., REVIL A., DUPONT JP. (2016) Joint inversion of hydraulic head and self-potential data associated with harmonic pumping tests. Water Resources Research, 52, 9, 6769-6791. (...)

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Publications 2017

ABBAS M., JARDANI J., SOUEID AHMED A., REVIL A., BRIGAUD L., BEGASSAT B., DUPONT J.P. (2017) Redox potential distribution of an organic-rich contaminated site obtained by the inversion of (...)

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Publications 2018

Abbas M., Jardani A., Machour N., Dupont J.-P. (2018). Geophysical and geochemical characterisation of a site impacted by hydrocarbon contamination undergoing biodegradation. Near Surface (...)

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