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The 2017 Summer School on HF and X-band radars – Université Caen Normandie du 21 au 25 août 2017

Organisé par A-C Bennis

In the framework of ANR HYD2M (P.I : A.-C. Bennis / M2C) dealing with impacts of wave-current interactions on tidal stream energy estimation, we plan to install four phased array HF radars (operated by Caen University), one VHF radar (operated by Caen University, CNAM-Intechmer and MIO) and one X-band radar (operated by DCNS) in Cap de la Hague to measure surface currents and sea state in Alderney race where the most tidal current of Western Europe occur (up to 12 knots). That is a challenge to operate HF, VHF and X-band radars in such hydrodynamic conditions.

In this context, we organize a summer school on HF and X-band radars.

This summer school focuses on measurements of sea states and currents by HF and X-band radars. First, we will start by a general overview on radio-oceanography (history, marine applications, existing networks...) and then fundamentals will be teach to provide tools to understand next lectures. Second, lectures concerning different HF (phased array and compact radars) and X-band technologies and their measurements and validation steps will be delivered. Third, data analysis methods for surface currents and sea states will be teach, with practical exercises on computers of Caen University. Fourth, data assimilation techniques for the inclusion of radar data in numerical models will be teach. Lastly, two cases of study with HF radars will be delivered : one for marine renewable energy in Iroise sea and one for tsunami detection for American West Coast.

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