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Publications 2016

  • AHMED AS., JARDANI A., REVIL A., DUPONT JP. (2016) Joint inversion of hydraulic head and self-potential data associated with harmonic pumping tests. Water Resources Research, 52, 9, 6769-6791. (3,792 ; Q1)
  • AHMED AS., JARDANI A., REVIL A., DUPONT JP. (2016). Specific storage and hydraulic conductivity tomography through the joint inversion of hydraulic heads and self-potential data. Advances in water resources, 89, 80-90. (IF 4,349 ; Q1)
  • ALLILI-AILANE C, LAIGNEL B, ADJEROUD N, BIR H, MADANI K, 2016. Particulate flow at the mouth of the Soummam watershed (Algeria). Environmental progress & sustainable energy, 35, 1, 204-211. (IF 1,403 ; Q3)
  • AUZERAIS A., JARNO A., EZERSKY A., MARIN F. (2016). Formation of localized sand patterns downstream from a vertical cylinder under steady flows : experimental and theoretical study. Physical Review E, 94, 5. (IF 2.252 ; Q2)
  • BENHAMICHE N., SAHI I., TAHAR S., BIR H., MADANI K., LAIGNEL B. (2016). Spatial and temporal variability of groudwater quality of an Algerian aquifer : the case of Soummam Wadi. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 61, 4, 775-792.(IF 2,182 ; Q1)
  • BENNIS AC, DUMAS F., BLANKE B. (2016) Modulation of wave-current interactions by horizontal mixing and spatial resolution. Ocean modelling, 99, 75-85 (IF 3,337 ; Q1)
  • BOURRIQUEN M., BALTZER A., MERCIER D., FOURNIER J., PEREZ L., HAQUIN S., BERNARD E., JENSEN M., (2016).Coastal evolution and sedimentary mobility of Brøgger Peninsula, northwest Spitsbergen. Polar Biology, Springer Verlag, 39, 10, 1689–1698.(IF 1,711 ; Q3)
  • CHEDEVILLE S., LAIGNEL B., MASSEI N., HUACHARD E., LADHUI V., TODISCO D., HANIN G., RODET J. (2016). Study of hydro-sedimentary variability of the Radicatel karst system influenced by climate signal fluctuations (Normandy, France). Hydrological Sciences Journal, 61, 4, 732-740 IF 2,182 ; Q1)
  • CRAPOULET A., HEQUETTE A., LEVOY F., BRETEL P. (2016) Using LiDAR topographic datta for identifying coastal areas of Northern France Vulnerable to sea-level rise. Journal of coastal research, 1067-1071, 2, 75. (IF 0,852 ; Q4)
  • DAUVIN J-C, ANDRADE H., DE-LA-OSSACARRETERO JA, DEL-PILAR-RUSO Y., RIERA R. (2016) Polychaete/amphipod ratios : an approach to validating simple benthic indicators. Ecological Indicators, 63, 89-99. (IF 3.19 ; Q1)
  • DELEBECQ G., DAVOULT D., JANQUIN MA, OPPLIGER LV, MENU D., DAUVIN JC, GEVAERT F., 2016. Photosynthetic response to light and temperature in Lamineria digitata gametophytes from two French populations. Enropean Journal of phycology, 51, 1, 71-82. (IF 1,912 ; Q2)
  • DELCAILLAU B., AMRHAR M., NAMOUS M., LAVILLE E., PEDOJA K., DUGUE O., (2016). Pleistocene fluviatile deposits in the Ourika drainage basin (Marrakech High Atlas, Morocco) : indicators of climatic variations associated with base level change. Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie Vol. 60/2, 131-150.(IF 1,103 ; Q4)
  • DIEPPOIS B., LAWLER D.M., SLONOSKY V., MASSEI N., BIGOT S., FOURNIER M., DURAND A., (2016). Multidecadal climate variability over northern France during the past 500 years and its relation to large-scale atmospheric circulation, International Journal of Climatology (IF : 3,16 ; Q1) DOI : 10.002/joc.4660
  • DIAZ N., DIETRICH F., CAILLEAU G., SEBAG D., NGOUNOU NGATCHA B., VERRECCHIA E.P. (2016). Can mima-like mounds be Vertisol relics (Far North Region of Cameroon, Chad Basin) ? Geomorphology, 261, 41-56.(IF 2,813 ; Q1)
  • DURAN L, FOURNIER M, MASSEI N, DUPONT JP , 2016. Assessing the Nonlinearity of Karst response function under variable boundary conditions. Groundwater, 54, 46-54. (IF 2,307 ; Q1)
  • FURGEROT L., MOUAZE D., TESSIER B., PEREZ L., HAQUIN S., WEILL P. CRAVE A., (2016) Sediment transport induced by tidal bores. An estimation from suspended matter measurements in the Sée River (Mont-Saint-Michel Bay, northwestern France). Comptes Rendus Géoscience, Elsevier Masson, Coastal sediment dynamics, 348 (6), 432-441. (IF 1.61 ; Q3)
  • GUNNOO H., ABCHA N., EZERSKY A., (2016). Frequency lock-in and phase synchronization of vortex shedding behind circular cylinder due to surface waves. Physics Letters A., 380, 7-8, 863-868. (IF 1,683 ; Q2)
  • GRIMES S., BAKALEM A., DAUVIN J.C. (2016). Annotated checklist of marine Algerian Crustacean Decapods. Mediterranean Marine Science. 17, 2, 384-395. (IF 1.873 ; Q2)
  • HASSANE B., DURAND A., GARBA Z., DIEPPOIS B., RAJOT J.L., SEBAG D., DIEDHIOU A., NGOUNOU NGATCHA B., TRAORÉ A. (2016) Can daily meteorological measurement of near-surface wind detect climate changes in the Sahel (SE Niger, 1950-1992) ? Journal of Arid Environments, 124, 91-101. (IF 1,62 ; Q3)
  • JAUD M., GRASSO F., LE DANTEC N., VERNEY R., DELACOURT C., AMMANN J., DELOFFRE J., GRANDJEAN P. (2016). Potential of UAVs for Monitoring Mudflat Morphodynamics (Application to the Seine Estuary, France). ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 5, 4. (IF 0,651 ; Q4)
  • JOSEPH P., TELES V., WEILL P. (2016) Modelling approaches in sedimentology : Introduction to the thematic issue. Comptes Rendus Géoscience, Modelling approaches in sedimentology, 348, 7, 473-478.(IF 1.61 ; Q3)
  • JOUFFROY-BAPICOT I., VANNIERE B., IGLESIAS V., DEBRET M., DELARRAS JF. (2016). 2000 years of grazing history and the making of the Cretan Moutain Landscape, Greece. Plos One, 11, 6. (IF 3,057 ; Q1)
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  • KAIM-MALKA R.A., BELLAN-SANTINI D., DAUVIN J.C. (2016). On some Haploops species collected in the North Atlantic Ocean with the description of Haploops islandica n. sp. (Crustacea : Gammaridea : Ampeliscidae) [Contribution to the knowledge of the Haploops genus. 8. Zootaxa 4179 (1) : 042–076. ( IF 0,994 ; Q2)
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  • NIZOU J., DEMORY F., DUBRULLE-BRUNAUD C., (2016) Monitoring of dredged-dumped sediment dispersal off the Bay of the Seine (northern France) using environmental magnetism. Comptes Rendus Géoscience, Elsevier Masson, 348, 6, 451–461. ( IF 1.61 ; Q3)
  • POULLAIN E, GARESTIER F, LEVOY F, BRETEL P, (2016). Analysis of ALS Intensity Behavior as a function of the incidence angle in coastal environments. IEEE Journal of sected topics in applied earth observations and remote sensing, 9, 1, 313-325. (IF 3,026 ; Q1)
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  • SALEY AD, JARDANI A., AHMED AS, RAPHAEL A., DUPONT JP. (2016). Hamiltonian Monte Carlo algorithm for the characterization of hydraulic conductivity from the heat tracing data. Advances in Water Resources, 97, 120-129. (IF 4,349 ; Q1)
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  • SONG Y., AMMAMI MT, BENAMAR A., MEZAZIGH S., WANG HQ (2016) Effect of EDTA, EDDS, NTA and critic acid on electrokinetic remediation of As, Cd, Cr, Cu, NI, Pb and Zn contamined dredged marine sediment. Environmental Science and Pollution Research,23, 11, 10577-10586. (IF 2,76 ; Q2)
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  • ZHOU JY, REVIL A., JARDANI A. (2016). Stochastic structure-constrained image-guided inversion of geophysical data. Geophysics, 81, 2, E89-E101. (2,017 ; Q2)