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Publications 2015

  • ALBRECHT R, SEBAG D, VERRECCHIA E, 2015. Organic matter decomposition : bridging the gap between Rock-Eval pyrolysis and chemical characterization (CPMAS C-13 NMR). Biogeochemistry, 122, 101-110. (IF 3,73 ; Q1)
  • BALTZER A, CASSEN S, WALTER-SIMONNET AV, CLOUET H, LORIN A, TESSIER B, 2015. Variations du niveau marin holocène en Baie de Quiberon (Bretagne Sud) : marqueurs archéologiques et sédimentologiques. Quaternaire, 26,2,105-115 –IF 0,741 ; Q4 )
  • BONTE, Y., LEVOY, F. (2015) Field experiments of beach scarp erosion during oblique wave stormy conditions (Normandy, France), Geomorphology, 236 (2015) 132–147. (IF 2,57 ; Q1)
  • CHEDEVILLE S, LAIGNEL B, RODET J, TODISCO D, FOURNIER M, DUPUIS E, GIROT G, HANIN G, 2015. The sedimentary filling in the chalk karst of the Northwestern Paris Basin : Characterization, origin and hydro-sedimentary behaviour. Zeitschrift für Geormorphologie, 59, 1, 79-101. (IF 0,66 ; Q4)
  • CUVILLIEZ A, LAFITE R, DELOFFRE J, LEMOINE M, LANGLOIS E, SAKHO I, 2015. River flow control on intertidal mudflat sedimentation in the mouth of a macrotidal estuary. Geomorphology, 239, 174-181. (IF 2,57 ; Q1)
  • DAUVIN JC (2015). History of benthic research in the English Channel : from general patterns of communities to habitat mosaic descriptin. Journal of Sea Research, 100, 32-45. (IF 1,85 ; Q2)
  • DURAFOUR M, JARNO A, LE BOT S, LAFITE R. MARIN F, 2015. Bedload transport for heterogeneous sediments. Environmental Fluid Mechanics, DOI 10.1007/s10652-014-9380-1. (IF 1,16 ; Q3)
  • DURAN L., FOURNIER M., MASSEI N., DUPONT J.P., 2015. Assessing the Nonlinearity of Karst Response Function under Variable Boundary Conditions. Ground Water. doi:10.1111/gwat.12337 (IF 1,953 ; Q2)
  • EVARISTE E., CLAQUIN P., ROBIN JP, AUBER A., McQUATTERS-GOLLP A., FLETCHER S., GLEGG G., DAUVIN JC, 2015. What did we learn from PEGASEAS forum “Science and Governance of the Channel Marine Ecosystem” ?. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 93, 1-2, 1-4. (IF 2,53 ; Q1)
  • FABURE J., DUFOUR L., AUTRET A., UHER E., FECHNER LC. (2015) Impact of an urban multi-metal contamination gradient : metal bioaccumulation an,d tolerance of river biofilms collected in different seasons. Aquatic Toxicology, 159, 276-289. (IF 3,451 ; Q1)
  • GAILLARD F, COPARD Y, 2015. Gold buried by oxygen. Nature Geoscience, 8, 170-171. (IF 11,67 ; Q1)
  • GARESTIER, F,. BRETEL, P,. MONFORT, O,. LEVOY, F,. POULLAIN, E. (2015) Anisotropic Surface Detection over Coastal Environment Using Near-IR LiDAR Intensity Maps. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. 8, 2, 727 – 739. (IF 3,026 ; Q1)
  • GENSAC E., GARDEL A., LESOURD S., BRUTIER L. (2015) Morphodynamic evolution of an intertidal mudflat under the influence of Amazon sediment supply – Kourou mud bank, French Guiana, South America. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, 158, 53-62. (IF 2,25 ; Q2)
  • LESUEUR T., BOULANGE-LECOMTE C., RESTOUX G., DELOFFRE J., XUEREB B., LE MENACH K., BUDZINSKI H., PETRUCCIANI N., MARIE S., PETIT F., 2015. Toxicity of sediment-bound pollutants in the Seine estuary, France, using a Euryteroma affinis larval bioassay. Ecotoxicology and Environmental safety, 113, 169-175. (IF 2,48 ; Q2)
  • PEZY JP, DAUVIN JC, 2015. Are mussel beds a favourable habitat for settlement of Hemigrapsus sanguineus (De Haan, 1935). Aquatic Invasions, 10, 1, 51-56. (IF 1,13 ; Q3)
  • PEZY JP, DAUVIN JC, 2015. First record of the marbled crab Pachygrapsus marmoratus (Fabricius, 1787) on the coast of Calvados (Bay of Seine, English Channel). Cahiers de biologie marine, 56, 2, 151-154. (IF 0,62 ; Q4)
  • SAKHO I, MESNAGE V, COPARD Y, DELOFFRE J, FAYE G, LAFITE R, NIANG I, 2015. A cross section analysis of sedimentary organic matter in a mangrove ecosystem under dry climate conditions : The somone estuary, Senegal. Journal of African Earth Sciences. 101, 220-231. (IF 1,38 ; Q3)
  • TECCHIO S., TOUS RUIS A., DAUVIN JC, LOBRY J, LASSALLE G., MORIN J., BACQ N., CACHERA M., CHAALALI A., VILLANUEVA M C, NIQUI N. , 2015, The mosaic of habitats of the Seine estuary : Insights from food-web modelling and network analysis. Ecological Modelling, 312, 91-101. (IF 2,32 ; Q2)
  • TURKI I., LAIGNEL B., KAKEH N., CHEVALIER L., COSTA S., Accepté. Methodology for Filling gaps and Forecast in sea level : application to the eastern English Channel and the North Atlantic Sea (western France). ICES Journal of Marine. (IF 2.52 ; Q1)
  • TURKI I., LAIGNEL B., KAKEH N., CHEVALIER L., COSTA S., 2015. A new hybrid model for filling gaps and forecast in sea level : application to the eastern English Channel and the North Atlantic Sea (western France), Ocean Dynamics, 65, 4, 509-521. (IF 1,843 ; Q2)
  • TURKI I., LAIGNEL B., CHEVALIER L., COSTA S., MASSEI N., 2015. Sea Level Changes in the Southeastern Side of the English Channel : Potentialities for Future SWOT Applicability. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. (IF 3,026 ; Q1)