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Publications 2014

  • AHMED AS, JARDANI A, REVIL A, DUPONT JP, 2014. Hydraulic conductivity field characterization from teh joint inversion of hydraulic heads and self-potential data. Water Resources Research, 50, 3502-3522. (IF 3,71 ; Q1)
  • BAKALEM A, DAUVIN JC, GRIMES S, 2014. New marine amphipod records on the Algerian coast. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 94, 753–762. (IF 1,02 ; Q3)
  • BALTZER A, EHRHOLD A, RIGOLET C, SOURON A, CORDIER C, CLOUET H, DUBOIS SF, 2014. Geophysical exploration of an active pockmark field in the Bay of Concarneau, southern Brittany, and implications for resident suspension feeders. Geo-marine Letters, 34, 215–230. (IF 2,06 ; Q2)
  • BALTZER A, WALTER-SIMONNET AV, MOKEDDEM Z, TESSIER B, GOUBERT E, CASSEN S, DIFFO A, 2014. Climatically-driven impacts on sedimentation processes in the Bay of Quiberon (south Brittany, France) over the last 10,000 years. Holocene, 24, 679–688. (IF 3,79 ; Q1)
  • BENNIS AC, DUMAS F, ARDHUIN F, BLANKE B, 2014. Mixing parameterization : Impacts on rip currents and wave set-up. Ocean Engineering, 84, 213–227. (IF 1,34 ; Q1)
  • BESAURY L., GHIGLIONE JF, QUILLET L. 2014. Abundance, Activity and Diversity of Archaeal and Bacterial Communities in Both Uncontaminated and Highly Copper-Contamined Marine Sediments. Marine Biotechnology, 16,2,230-242. (IF 2,74 ; Q2)
  • BLANCHET H, GOUILLIEUX B, ALIZIER S, AMOUROUX JM, BACHELET G, BARILLE AL, DAUVIN JC, DE MONTAUDOUIN X, DEROLEZ V, DESROY N, GRALL J, GRÉMARE A, HACQUEBART P, JOURDE J, LABRUNE C, LAVESQUE N, MEIRLAND A, NEBOUT T, OLIVIER F, PELAPRAT C, RUELLET T, SAURIAU PG, THORIN S, 2014. Multiscale patterns in the diversity and organization of benthic intertidal fauna among French Atlantic estuaries. Journal of Sea Research, 90, 95–110. (IF 1,83 ; Q2)
  • BILLEAUD I., CALINE B., LIVAS B., TESSIER B., DAVAUD E., FREBOURG G., HASLER C.-A., LAURIER D., & PABIAN-GOYHENTECHE C. (2014) The carbonate-evaporite lagoon of Al Dakhirah (Qatar) : an example of a modern depositional model controlled by longshore transport. Journal of Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 388, 561–587 (IF 2,58 ; Q1)
  • CHEVALIER L., LAIGNEL B., MASSEI N., MUNIER S., BECKER M., TURKI I., COYNEL A., CAZENAVE A., 2014. Hydrological variability of major French rivers over recent decades, assessed from gauging station and GRACE observations. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 59, 10, 1844-1855. (IF 1,25 ; Q1)
  • CRAMPON M, COPARD Y, FAVREAU G, RAUX J, MERLET-MACHOUR N, LE COZ M, IBRAHIM M, PEULON-AGASSE V, PORTET-KOLTALO F, 2014. Occurrence of 1,1’-dimethyl-4,4’-bipyridinium in irrigated soils of the Lake Chad Basin : a preliminary result. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, DOI 10.1007/s11356-014-3064-8. (IF 5,26 ; Q1)
  • DAUVIN JC, DELHAY JB, HACQUEBART P, DE SAINT-LEGER E, IZABEL G, TOMAS L, LEVOY F, 2014. The evolution of habitat areas and carrying capacity for Western Cotentin Estuaries (North-Western France). Cahiers de Biologie Marine, 55, 77–89. (IF 0,51 ; Q4)
  • DEBRET M, BENTALEB I, SEBAG D, FAVIER C, NGUETSOP V, FONTUGNE M, OSLISLY R, NGOMANDA A., 2014. Influence of inherited paleotopography and water level rise on the sedimentary infill of Lake Ossa (S Cameroon) inferred by continuous color and bulk organic matter analyses. Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology, 411, 110-121. (IF 2,75 ; Q1)
  • DIEPPOIS B, DURAND A, FOURNIER M, DIEDHIOU A, FONTAINE B, MASSEI N, NOUACEUR Z, SEBAG D, 2014. Low-frequency variability and zonal contrast in Sahel rainfall and Atlantic sea surface temperature teleconnections during the last century. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, DOI 10.1007/s00704-014-1229-5 (IF 1,74 ; Q3)
  • DUBOIS C, QUINIF Y, BAELE JM, BARRIQUAND L, BINI A, BRUXELLES L, DANDURAND G, HAVRON C, KAUFMANN O, LANS B, MAIRE R, MARTIN J, RODET J, ROWBERRY MD, TOGNINI P, VERGARI A, 2014. The process of ghost-rock karstification and its role in the formation of cave systems. Earth Science Reviews, 131, 116-148. (IF 7,13 ; Q1)
  • EL JANYANI S, DUPONT JP, MASSEI N, SLIMANI S, DORFLIGER N, 2014. Hydrological role of karst in the chalk aquifer of Upper Normandy, France. Hydrogeology Journal, 22, 663-677. (IF 1,71 ; Q2)
  • FLORES RIBEIRO A., BODILIS J., ALONSO L., BUQUET S., FEUILLOLEY M., DUPONT JP, PAWLAK B. 2014. Occurrence of multi-antibiotic resistant pseudomonas spp. In drinking water produced from karstic hydrosystems. Sciences of the total environement, 490, 370-8. (IF 3,28 ; Q1)
  • GLIPPA O, DENIS L, LESOURD S, SOUISSI S, 2014. Seasonal fluctuations of the copepod resting egg bank in the middle Seine estuary, France : Impact on the nauplii recruitment. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, 142, 60–67. (IF 2,25 ; Q2)
  • GONTHARET S, MATHIEU O, LÉVÊQUE J, MILLOUX MJ, LESOURD S, PHILIPPE S, CAILLAUD J, GARDEL A, SARRAZIN M, PROISY C, 2014. Distribution and sources of bulk organic matter (OM) on a tropical intertidal mud bank in French Guiana from elemental and isotopic proxies. Chemical Geology, 376, 1–10. (IF 3,48 ; Q1)
  • GOTHLAND M, DAUVIN JC, DENIS L, DUFOSSE F, JOBERT S, OVAERT J, PEZY JP, RIUS AT, SPILMONT N, 2014. Biological traits explain the distribution and colonisation ability of the invasive shore crab Hemigrapsus takanoi. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, 142, 41–49. (IF 2,32 ; Q2)
  • HENRY H, REGARD V, PEDOJA K, HUSSON L, MARTINOD J, WITT C, HEURET A, 2014. Upper Pleistocene uplifted shorelines as tracers of (local rather than global) subduction dynamics. Journal of Geodynamics, 78, 8–20. (IF 2,62 ; Q2)
  • IKARD SJ, REVIL A, SCHMUTZ M, KARAOULIS M, JARDANI A, MOONEY M, 2014. Characterization of Focused Seepage Through an Earthfill Dam Using Geoelectrical Methods. Groundwater, 52, 952–965. (IF 1,95 ; Q2)
  • KACI A, PETIT F, LESUEUR P, BOUST D, VREL A, BERTHE T, 2014. Distinct diversity of the czcA gene in two sedimentary horizons form a contaminated estuarine core. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 21, 10787-10802. (IF 2,76 ; Q1)
  • MARCHAL P, DESPREZ M, VERNARD Y, TIDD A, 2014. How do demersal fishing interact with aggregate extraction in a congested sea ? Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, 149, 5, 168-177. (IF 2,25 ; Q2)
  • MARMIN S., DAUVIN JC, LESUEUR P., 2014. Collaborative approach for the management of harbour-dredged sediment in the Bay of Seine (France). Ocean and Coastal Management, 102, 328-339. (IF 1,77 ; Q2)
  • MCHERGUI C, AUBERT M, BUATOIS B, AKPA-VINCESLAS M, LANGLOIS E, BERTOLONE C, LAFITE R, SAMSON S, BUREAU F, 2014. Use of dredged sediments for soil creation in the Seine estuary (France) : Importance of a soil functioning survey to assess the success of wetland restoration in floodplains. Ecological Engineering, 71, 628-638. (IF 3,04 ; Q1)
  • MONTREUIL A, LEVOY F, BRETEL P, ANTHONY EJ, 2014. Morphological diversity and complex sediment recirculation on the ebb delta of a macrotidal inlet (Normandy, France) : A multiple LiDAR dataset approach. Geomorphology, 219, 114–125. (IF 2,57 ; Q1)
  • NIEPCERON M, BEGUET J, PORTET-KOLTALO F, MARTIN-LAURENT F, QUILLET L, BODILIS J, 2013a. Low impact of phenanthrene dissipation on the bacterial community in grassland soil. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 21, 2977-2987. (IF 2,76 ; Q2)
  • OBAME M.R, COPARD Y, SEBAG D, TOURE A, BOUSSAFIR M, BICHET V, GARBA Z, GUILLON G, PETIT C, RAJOT JL, DURAND A, 2014. Carbon sinks in small Sahelian lakes as an unexpected effect of landuse changes since the 1960s (Saga Gorou and Dallol Bosso, SW Niger). CATENA, 114, 1-10. (IF 2,48 ; Q2)
  • PEDOJA K, HUSSON L, JOHNSON ME, MELNICK D, WITT C, POCHAT S, NEXER M, DELCAILLAU B, PINEGINA T, POPRAWSKI Y, AUTHEMAYOU C, ELLIOT M, REGARD V, GARESTIER F, 2014. Coastal staircase sequences reflecting sea-level oscillations and tectonic uplift during the Quaternary and Neogene. Earth-Science Reviews, 132, 13–38. (IF 7,01 ; Q1)
  • PLANCQ J, MATTIOLI E, PITTET B, SIMON L, GROSSI V, 2014. Productivity and sea-surface temperature changes recorded during the late Eocene-early Oligocene at DSDP Site 511 (South Atlantic). Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology, 407, 34–44. (IF 2,75 ; Q1)
  • POL K, MASSON-DELMOTTE V, CATTANI O, DEBRET M, FALOURD S, JOUZEL J, LANDAIS A, MUDELSEE M, SCHULZ M, STENNI B, 2014. Climate variability features of the last interglacial in the East Antarctic EPICA Dome C ice core (2014). Geophysical Research Letters, 41, 11, 4004-4012. (IF 4,46 ; Q1)
  • REVIL A, BARNIER G, KARAOULIS M, SAVA P, JARDANI A, KULESSA B, 2014. Seismoelectric coupling in unsaturated porous media : theory, petrophysics and saturation front localization using an electoacoustic approach. Geophysical Journal International, 196, 867-884. (IF 2,72 ; Q2)
  • RIVIÈRE A, GONCALVES J, JOST A, FONT M, 2014. Experimental and numerical assessment of transient stream-aquifer exchange during disconnection. Journal of Hydrology, 517, 574–583. (IF 2,69 ; Q1)
  • RODET J, 2014. The primokarst, former stages of karstification, or how solution caves can born. Geologica Belgica, 17,1, 58-65. (IF 0,64 ; Q4)
  • ROUSHANGAR K, MOUAZÉ D, SHIRI J, 2014. Evaluation of genetic programming-based models for simulating friction factor in alluvial channels. Journal of Hydrology, 517, 1154–1161. (IF 2,69 ; Q1)
  • SIMONNEAU A, CHAPRON E, GARCON M, WINIARSKI T, GRAZ Y, CHAUVEL C, DEBRET M, MOTELICA-HEINO M, DESMET M, DI-GIOVANNI C, 2014. Tracking Holocene glacial and high-altitude alpine environments fluctuations from minerogenic and organic markers in proglacial lake sediments (Lake Blanc Huez, Western French Alps). Quaternary Science Review, 89, 27-43. (IF 4,57 ; Q1)
  • SOUISSI R., TURKI I., SOUISSI F., 2014. Effect of submarine morphology on environement quality : case of monastir bay (eastern Tunisia). Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences, 9,3, 231-239. (IF 0,64 ; Q4)
  • VALDÈS D, DUPONT JP, LAIGNEL B, SLIMANI S, DELBART C, 2014. Infiltration processes in karstic chalk investigated through a spatial analysis of the geochemical properties of the groundwater : the effect of the superficial layer of clay-with-flints. Journal of Hydrology, 519, 23-33. (IF 2,69 ; Q1)
  • WEILL P, LAJEUNESSE E, DEVAUCHELLE O, METIVER F, LIMARE A, CHAUVEAU B, MOUAZÉ D, 2014. Experimental investigation on self-channelized erosive gravity currents. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 84, 487–498. (IF 1,94 ; Q2)