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Publications 2011

  • ANDRÉ JP, BARTHET Y, FERRANDINI M, FERRANDINI J, REYNAUD JY, TESSIER B, 2011. The Bonifacio formation (Miocene of Corsica) : transition from a wave- to tide-dominated coastal system in mixed carbonate-siliciclastic setting. Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France, 182, 221–230. (IF 0,92 ; Q3)
  • BODILIS J, MEILO SN, CORNELIS P, DE VOS P, BARRAY S, 2011. A Long-Branch Attraction Artifact Reveals an Adaptive Radiation in Pseudomonas. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 28, 10, 2723-2726. (IF 5,55 ; Q1)
  • CHEN KP, TSAI YB, AMORESE D, CHANG WY, 2011. Incorporating change-point detection updates of frequency-magnitude distributions within the Taiwan earthquake catalog. Terrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, 22, 261–269. (IF 1,06 ; Q3)
  • DAUVIN JC, DUFOSSE F, 2011. Hemigrapsus sanguineus (De Haan, 1835, Crustacea : Brachyura : Grapsoidea) a new invasive species in European waters : the case of the French English Channel coast (2008-2010). Aquatic Invasions, 6, 329–338. (IF 1,11 ; Q3)
  • DAUVIN J.C, ROLET C., ALIZIER S., RUELLET Th, (2011). Spatial patterns in suprabenthic communities in the English Channel, Journal of Sea Research, 1, 182-185, 10.1016/j.seares.2010.07.003, 65, 182–185 (IF 2,60 ; Q 2).
  • DEBRET M, SEBAG D, DESMET M, BALSAM W, COPARD Y, MOURIER B, SUSPERRIGUI A, ARNAUD F, BETNALEB I, CHAPRON E, LALLIER-VERGES E, WINIARSKI T, 2011. Spectrocolorimetric interpretation of sedimentary dynamics : The new "Q7/4 diagram". Earth Sciences Reviews, 109, 1-2, 1-19. (IF 6,59 ; Q1)
  • DELCAILLAU B, AMRHAR M, NAMOUS M, LAVILLE E, PEDOJA K, DUGUÉ O, 2011. Transpressional tectonics in the Marrakech High Atlas : Insight by the geomorphic evolution of drainage basins. Geomorphology, 134, 344–362. (IF 2,52 ; Q1 )
  • DELEBECQ G, DAVOULT D, MENU D, JANQUIN MA, MIGNE A, DAUVIN JC, GEVAERT F, 2011. In situ photosynthetic performance of Laminaria digitata (Phaeophyceae) during spring tides in Northern Brittany. Cahiers de Biologie Marine, 52, 405–414. (IF 0,70 ; Q4 )
  • DESGUÉE R, ROBIN N, GLUARD L, MONFORT O, ANTHONY EJ, LEVOY F, 2011. Contribution of hydrodynamic conditions during shallow water stages to the sediment balance on a tidal flat : Mont-Saint-Michel Bay, Normandy, France. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, 94, 343–354. (IF 2,25 ; Q2)
  • EZERSKY A, CHEROV V, GROMOV P, NAZAROVSKY A, SOUSTOV P, PARANTHOEN P, 2011. Remote acoustic diagnostics of defects arising in a Karman vortex street behind a heated cylinder. Fluid Dynamics Research, 43 .
  • FERRER P., CERTAIN R., ADLOFF F., BOUCHETTE F., BARUSSEAU J.P., MEULE S., ROBIN N. (2011). Hydrodynamics over a microtidal double crescentic barred beach in low energetic conditions (Leucate Beach, France). Journal of Coastal Research. 64, 2032-2036. (IF 0,76 ; Q 4).
  • GARCIA C, CHARDY P, DEWARUMEZ JM, DAUVIN JC, 2011. Assessment of benthic ecosystem functioning through trophic web modelling : the example of the eastern basin of the English Channel and the Southern Bight of the North Sea. Marine Ecology - an Evolutionary Perspective, 32, 72–86. (IF 1,55 ; Q 2).
  • GARESTIER F, DUBOIS-FERNANDEZ P, CHAMPION I, LE TOAN T, 2011. Pine forest investigation using high resolution P-band Pol-InSAR data. Remote Sensing of Environment, 115, 2897–2905. (IF 4,57 ; Q 1)
  • GAURIER B, GERMAIN G, KERVELLA Y, DAVOURIE J, CAYOCCA F, LESUEUR P, 2011. Experimental and numerical characterization of an oyster farm impact on the flow. European Journal of Mechanics B - Fluids, 30, 513–525. (IF 1,33 ; Q3)
  • GRAZ Y, DI-GIOVANNI C, COPARD Y, ELIE M, FAURE P, LAGGOUN-DEFARGE F, LEVEQUE J, MICHELS R, OLLIVIER JE, 2011. Fossil organic matter occurrence in modern environments : optical, geochemical and isotopical evidences, Applied Geochemistry, 26, 1302-1314. (IF 2,18 ; Q2)
  • HASLER A., GRUBER S., FONT M., DUBOIS A., (2011). Advective Heat Transport in Frozen Rock Clefts – Conceptual Model. Laboratory Experiments and Numerical Simulation. Permafrost and Periglacial processes. 22, 4, 378–389, (IF 2,2 ; Q1).
  • HOSSEINGHOLIAN M, LEVACHER D, KHAY M, 2011. Continuous measurement of dynamic stiffness of a railway. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 48, 439–450. (IF 0,86 ; Q2)
  • KESKIN S, PEDOJA K, BEKTAS O, 2011. Coastal Uplift along the Eastern Black Sea Coast : New Marine Terrace Data from Eastern Pontides, Trabzon (Turkey) and a Review. Journal of Coastal Research, 27, 63–73. (IF 0,8 ; Q4)
  • KHALDI S, RATAJCZAK M, FOURNIER M, BERTHE T, GARGALA G, FAVENNEC L, DUPONT JP, 2011, Intensive exploitation of a karst aquifer leads to Cryptosporidium water supply contamination. Water Research, 45, 9, 2906-2914. (IF 4,86 ; Q1)
  • LINDAHL P, WORSFOLD P, KEITH-ROACH M, ANDERSEN MB, KERSHAW P, LEONARD K, CHOI MS, BOUST D, LESUEUR P, 2011. Temporal record of Pu isotopes in inter-tidal sediments from the northeastern Irish Sea. Science of the Total Environment, 409, 5020–5025. (IF 3,28 ; Q1)
  • LOZACH S, DAUVIN JC, MEAR Y, MURAT A, DAVOULT D, MIGNE A, 2011. Sampling epifauna, a necessity for a better assessment of benthic ecosystem functioning : An example of the epibenthic aggregated species Ophiothrix fragilis from the Bay of Seine. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 62, 2753–2760. (IF 2,5 ; Q1)
  • MASSEI N, LAIGNEL B, ROSERO E, MOTELAY-MASSEI A, DELOFFRE J, YANG ZL, ROSSI A, 2011. A wavelet approach to the short-term to pluridecennal variability of streamflow in the Mississippi river basin from 1934 to 1998. International Journal of Climatology, 31, 1, 31-43. (IF 2,91 ; Q1)
  • MENIER D, TESSIER B, DUBOIS A, GOUBERT E, SEDRATI M, 2011. Geomorphological and hydrodynamic forcing of sedimentary bedforms - Example of Gulf of Morbihan (South Brittany, Bay of Biscay). Journal of Coastal Research, 1530–1534. (IF 0,76 ; Q4)
  • PEDOJA K, HUSSON L, REGARD V, COBBOLD PR, OSTANCIAUX E, JOHNSON ME, KERSHAW S, SAILLARD M, MARTINOD J, FURGEROT L, WEILL P, DELCAILLAU B, 2011. Relative sea-level fall since the last interglacial stage : are coasts uplifting worldwide ? Earth-Science Reviews, 108, 1–15. (IF 6,59 ; Q1)
  • PEDOJA K, ORTLIEB L, DEVRIES TJ, MACHARE J, AUDIN L, REGARD V, 2011. Comment on "Tectonic record of strain buildup and abrupt coseismic stress release across the northwestern Peru coastal plain, shelf, and continental slope during the past 200 kyr’’ by Jacques Bourgois et al. Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth, 116, B09401. (IF 3,3 ; Q1)
  • PEDOJA K, REGARD V, HUSSON L, MARTINOD J, GUILLAUME B, FUCKS E, IGLESIAS M, WEILL P, 2011. Uplift of quaternary shorelines in eastern Patagonia : Darwin revisited. Geomorphology, 127, 121–142. (IF 2,52 ; Q1)
  • POL K, DEBRET M, MASSON-DELMOTTE V, CAPRON E, CATTANI O, DREYFUS G, FALOURD S, JOHNSEN S, JOUZEL J, LANDAIS A, MINSTER B, STENNI B, 2011. Links between MIS 11 millennial to sub-millennial climate variability and long term trends as revealed by new high resolution EPICA Dome C deuterium data - A comparison with the Holocene. Climate of the Past, 7, 437–450. (IF 3,51 ; Q1)
  • QUIROZ-MARTINEZ, B., SCHMITT, F.G., DAUVIN, J.C., DEWARUMEZ, J.M., FOVEAU, A. & GARCIA, C.., (2011). Regional patterns of continental shelf polychaete diversity : examples for the the North Sea, English Channel, Irish Sea and Outer Bristol Channel. Italian Journal of Zoology 78(S1), 324-332. (IF 0,89 ; Q3)
  • RAMOND JB, PETIT F, QUILLET L, OUDDANE B, BERTHE T, 2011. Evidence of methylmercury production and modification of the microbial community structure in estuary sediments contaminated with wastewater treatment plant effluents. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 62, 5, 1073-1080. (IF 2,5 ; Q1)
  • RAUX J, COPARD Y, LAIGNEL B, FOURNIER M, MASSEI N, 2011. Classification of worldwide drainage basins through the multivariate analysis of factors controlling their hydrosedimentary response. Global and Planetary Change, 76, 3-4, 117-127. (IF 2,93 ; Q1)
  • RONFORT C, SOUCHERE V, MARTIN P, SEBILLOTTE C, CASTELLAZZI MS, BARBOTTIN A, MEYNARD JM, LAIGNEL B, 2011. Methodology for land use change scenario assessment for runoff impacts : A case study in a north-western European Loess belt region (Pays de Caux, France). CATENA, 86, 1, 36-48. (IF 1,89 ; Q1)
  • ROSSI A, MASSEI N, LAIGNEL B, 2011. A synthesis of the time-scale variability of commonly used climate indices using continuous wavelet transform. Global and Planetary Change, 78 ; 1-2, 1-13. (IF 2,93 ; Q1)
  • ROUSHANGAR K, HASSANZADEH Y, KEYNEJAD MA, ALAMI MT, NOURANI V, MOUAZÉ D, 2011. Studying of flow model and bed load transport in a coarse bed river : case study - Aland River, Iran. Journal of Hydroinformatics, 13, 850–866. (IF 1,17 ; Q1)
  • SAKHO I, MESNAGE V, DELOFFRE J, LAFITE R, NIANG I, FAYE G, 2011. The influence of natural and anthropogenic factors on mangrove dynamics over 60 years : The Somone Estuary, Senegal. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 94, 93–101. (IF 2,25 ; Q2)
  • SOTTOLICHIO A, HURTHER D, GRATIOT N, BRETEL P, 2011. Acoustic turbulence measurements of near-bed suspended sediment dynamics in highly turbid waters of a macrotidal estuary. Continental Shelf Research, 31, S36-S39. (IF 2,09 ; Q2)
  • THIEBOT J., GUILLOU S., BRUN-COTTAN JC. (2011). An optimisation method for determining permeability and effective stress relationships of consolidating cohesive sediment deposits. Continental Shelf Research 31, S117–S123. (IF 2,09 ; Q2).
  • TOURE A.A , RAJOT JL, GARBA Z., MARTICORENA B., PETIT C., SEBAG D. (2011). Impact of very low crop residues cover on wind erosion in the Sahel. Catena 85, 205–214. (IF 1,89 ; Q2)
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  • VERNEY R, LAFITE R, BRUN-COTTAN JC, LE HIR P, 2011. Behaviour of a floc population during a tidal cycle : laboratory experiments and numerical modelling. Continental Shelf Research, 31, S64–S83. (IF 2,09 ; Q2)