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Publications 2010

  • AMORESE D, GRASSO JR, RYDELEK PA, 2010. On varying b-values with depth : results from computer-intensive tests for Southern California. Geophysical Journal International, 180, 347–360.(IF 2,41 ; Q2)
  • BALL LB, GE S, CAINE JS, REVIL A, JARDANI A, 2010. Constraining fault-zone hydrogeology through integrated hydrological and geoelectrical analysis. Hydrogeology Journal, 18, 1057–1067. (IF 1,33 ; Q2)
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  • DELCAILLAU B, LAVILLE E, AMHRAR M, NAMOUS M, DUGUÉ O, PEDOJA K, 2010. Quaternary evolution of the Marrakech High Atlas and morphotectonic evidence of activity along the Tizi N’Test Fault, Morocco. Geomorphology, 118, 262–279. (IF 2,35 ; Q1)
  • DESPREZ M, PEARCE B, LE BOT S, 2010. The biological impact of overflowing sands around a marine aggregate extraction site : Dieppe (eastern English Channel). ICES Journal of Marine Science, 67, 2, 270-277 doi:10.1093/icesjms/fsp245. (IF 1,8 ; Q1)
  • EZERSKY AB, ABCHA N, MUTABAZI I, 2010. The structure of spatio-temporal defects in a spiral pattern in the Couette-Taylor flow. Physics Letters A, 374, 3297–3303. (IF 1,96 ; Q2)
  • FERRER P, BENABDELLOUAHED M, CERTAIN R, TESSIER B, BARUSSEAU JP, BOUCHETTE F, 2010. The late Holocene sediment infilling and beach barrier dynamics of the Thau lagoon (gulf of lions, Mediterranean sea, se France). Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France, 181, 197–209. (IF 1,25 ; Q3)
  • FERRET Y, LE BOT S, TESSIER B, GARLAN T, LAFITE R, 2010. Migration and internal architecture of marine dunes in the eastern English Channel over 14 and 56 year intervals : the influence of tides and decennial storms. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 35, 1480–1493. (IF 2,11 ; Q1)
  • FONT M, AMORESE D, LAGARDE JL, 2010. DEM and GIS analysis of the stream gradient index to evaluate effects of tectonics : The Normandy intraplate area (NW France). Geomorphology, 119, 172–180. (IF 2,35 ; Q1 )
  • FROUIN M, SEBAG D, DURAND A, LAIGNEL B, 2010. Palaeoenvironmental evolution of the Seine river estuary during the Holocene. Quaternaire, 21-1, 71-83. (IF 0,45 ; Q4)
  • GARESTIER F, LE TOAN T, 2010. Forest Modeling For Height Inversion Using Single-Baseline InSAR/Pol-InSAR Data. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 48, 1528–1539. (IF 2,47 ; Q1)
  • GARESTIER F, LE TOAN T, 2010. Estimation of the Backscatter Vertical Profile of a Pine Forest Using Single Baseline P-Band (Pol-)InSAR Data. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 48, 3340–3348. (IF 2,47 ; Q1)
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  • JARDANI A, REVIL A, SLOB E, SOLNER, 2010. Stochastic joint inversion of 2D seismic and seismoelectric signals in linear poroelastic materials : A numerical investigation. Geophysics, 75, 1, N19-N31. (IF 1,4 ; Q3)
  • KERVELLA Y, GERMAIN G, GAURIER B, FACQ JV, CAYOCCA F, LESUEUR P, 2010. Experimental study of the near-field impact of an oyster table on the flow. European Journal of Mechanics B - Fluids, 29, 32–42. (IF 1,38 ; Q3 )
  • LAROCHE E, PETIT F, FOURNIER M, PAWLAK B, 2010. Transport of antibiotic –resistant Escherichia coli in a rural karstic public water supply. Journal of Hydrology, 392, 12-21. (IF 2,51 ; Q1 )
  • LE BOT S, LAFITE R, FOURNIER M, BALTZER A, DESPREZ M, 2010. Morphological and sedimentary impacts and recovery on a mixed sandy to pebbly seabed exposed to marine aggregate extraction (eastern English Channel, France). Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 89, 221–233. (IF 2 ; Q2 )
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  • MAANE-MESSAI S, LAIGNEL B, MOTELAY-MASSEI A, MADANI K, CHIBANE M, 2010. Spatial and Temporal Variability of Water Quality of an Urbanized River in Algeria : The Case of Soummam Wadi. Water Environment Research, 82, 8, 742-749. (IF 0,89 ; Q3)
  • MARTÍNEZ-PAGÁN P, JARDANI A, REVIL A, HAAS A, 2010. Self-potential monitoring of a salt plume : A sandbox experiment. Geophysics, 75, 4, WA17–WA25. (IF 1,4 ; Q3)
  • MASSEI N, LAIGNEL B, DELOFFRE J, MESQUITA J, MOTELAY A, LAFITE R, DURAND A, 2010. Long-term hydrological changes of the Seine River flow (France) and their relation to the North Atlantic Oscillation over the period 1950-2008. International Journal of Climatology, 30, 14, 2146-2154. (IF 2,48 ; Q1)
  • MELARD N, PIGEAUD R, PRIMAULT J, RODET J, 2010. Gravettian painting and associated activity at Le Moulin de Laguenay (Lissac sur Couze, Correze). Antiquity, 84, 666-680. (IF 0,61 ; Q1)
  • MENIER D, TESSIER B, PROUST JN, BALTZER A, SORREL P, TRAINI C, 2010. The Holocene transgression as recorded by incised-valley infilling in a rocky coast context with low sediment supply (southern Brittany, western france). Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France, 181, 115–128. (IF 1,25 ; Q3)
  • NIEPCERON M, PORTET‐KOLTALO F, MERLIN C, MOTELAY‐MASSEI A, BARRAY S, BODILIS J, 2010. Both Cycloclasticus spp. and Pseudomonas spp. as PAHs degrading bacteria in the Seine estuary (France). FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 71, 137–147. (IF 3,46 ; Q1)
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  • REGARD V, SAILLARD M, MARTINOD J, AUDIN L, CARRETIER S, PEDOJA K, RIQUELME R, PAREDES P, HERAIL G, 2010. Renewed uplift of the Central Andes Forearc revealed by coastal evolution during the Quaternary. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 297, 199–210. (IF 4,18 ; Q1 )
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  • RICHARDS K, REVIL A, JARDANI A, HENDERSON F, BATZLE M, HAAS A, 2010. Pattern of shallow ground waterfl ow at Mount Princeton Hot Springs, Colorado, using geoelectrical methods. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 198, 217-232. (IF 1,94 ; Q1)
  • SAILLARD M, HALL SR, AUDIN L, FARBER DL, MARTINOD J, REGARD V, PEDOJA K, HERAIL G, 2010. Reply to a Comment on "Non-steady long-term uplift rates and Pleistocene marine terrace development along the Andean margin of Chile (31 degrees S) inferred from Be-10 dating" by M. Saillard, SR Hall, L Audin, D.L Farber, G. Herail, J. Martinod, V. Re. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 296, 506–509. (IF 4,28 ; Q1 )
  • SECHI S, SEBAG D, LAIGNEL B, LEPERT T, FROUIN M, DURAND A, 2010. The last millennia history of detrital sedimentation in the Lower Seine Valley (Normandy, NW France). Terra Nova, 22, 6, 434-441. (IF 2,16 ; Q2)
  • SORREL P, TESSIER B, DEMORY F, BALTZER A, BOUAOUINA F, PROUST JN, MENIER D, TRAINI C, 2010. Sedimentary archives of the French Atlantic coast (inner Bay of Vilaine, south Brittany) : Depositional history and late Holocene climatic and environmental signals. Continental Shelf Research, 30, 1250–1266. (IF 2,18 ; Q2 )
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