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The Seismoelectric Method : Theory and Application

Titre : The Seismoelectric Method : Theory and Application
Auteur : André Revil, Abderrahim Jardani, Paul Sava and Allan Haas
Année : 2015
Edition : John Wiley & Sons

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Contents List
  • 1. Background and History : This chapter will outline the basics of the technique with some general examples as well as a short history in both earth sciences and colloidal chemistry.
  • 2. Macroscopic Equations : This chapter will cover the theory with the description of approaches based on the zeta potential and the excess of charge per unit pore volume.
  • 3. Extension to Unsaturated and two-phase flow Conditions : Many applications of the seismoelectric method require an extension to the unsaturated case (vadose zone hydrogeology) and to two-phase flow conditions (oil and gas reservoirs). This chapter describes such an extension.
  • 4. Applications : We will described few applications of the method including the characterization of water content in the vadose zone, the study of glaciers, the use of the seismoelectric method in the borehole environment and the study of fracking.
  • 5. Electroacoustic with beamforming. This chapter will cover a recently developed extension of the seismoelectric method in which seismic beamforming is performed at any point of a reservoir and the record and analysis of the burst of the electrical field is performed remotely. This offers a new and exciting way to do tomography of the change in saturation during the production of a reservoir.
  • 6. Appendices will include MATLAB scripts used for analysis and modeling, and data from the case studies.