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DEMON project (Devenir des Matières Organiques fossiles à l’affleurement : exemples des terres Noires des Alpes de Haute Provence, coord. : Y. Copard)

Funding agency : INSU EC2CO-BIOHEFECT (2013-2014).

This project deals with the fate of the GOC after erosion and weathering processes of the Terres Noires (Alpes de Haute Provence).
One of the main interests and originalities of this project is to couple the method used to investigate regolith production rates or residence times in a regolith (disequilibrium in the Uranium- series isotopes from fresh rocks to weathered rocks, Ma et al., 2010) with the conventional study of OM (optical and RE6 pyrolysis). This coupling would provide a weathering rate of the GOC within the regolith. For this purpose, a series of regolith profiles was selected regarding the variation of land-cover, slope, aspect and precipitation in the Bléone catchment, as sub-catchment of the Durance River. Other point is the spatial extension (900km2) of these GOC fluxes within this catchment by using GIS methodology and modelling.

Collaborations : ISTO, LHyGes, GéHCO.