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Sediment fluxes, tUrbidity aNd seafloor Integrity for the MaRIne StratEgy

SunRISE is an ANR network (2015-2016) that gathers a large community of French and European research laboratories, consulting companies and governing agencies in order to address

  • Climate change related issues, particularly in the current context of coastal vulnerability,
  • European Directives issues, for which pertinent state indicators and monitoring strategies have to be developed.

SunRISE is organized around 5 workpackages (WP) aiming at identifying which are the priority research topics to address in order to tackle the following issues :

  • “sediment fluxes at a regional scale in a changing climate”,
  • “definition of state indicators for the physical parameters describing the marine environment”.

The network aims at preparing proposals for future H2020 and ANR Calls.

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