2000 Years of History

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• The database lists almost 3000 victims attacked by non-rabid wolves, across over 70 departments in metropolitan France (mainland France and Corsica). Excluding a few possible cases of accidental attacks, these attacks were by predatory wolves. The cases of victims of rabid wolves, or of wolves whose status is difficult to identify, have been excluded, as have those of wolves scavenging for flesh.

• Each record is accompanied by a transcription (using punctuation and modernised spelling, with a few exceptions). The family names of victims have been standardised as far as possible, when it has been possible to conduct complementary research in civil records (birth of victims and family events). For the sake of clarity, dates and ages are written in Arabic numerals.

• In over 1500 cases, photographs are provided. This has been possible thanks to the kind cooperation of departmental archives, and of several towns which still have old records. The references to the original sources relate to the digital files, when they were put online by the departmental archives.

• Main abbreviations used. AN: Archives Nationales / National Archives - AD: Archives Départementales / Departmental Archives - AC: Archives Communales / Town Archives - BMS: Registres de Baptêmes, Mariages et Sépultures / Registers of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials - NMD: Registres de Naissances, Mariages et Décès / Registers of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Coll. Com.: original collection, initially kept in the town - Greffe: Copy of registers kept by the public administrative authorities since 1737.

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