Speakers and discussants

  • Prof. Howard van Auken, (Iowa State University –USA)
  • Ass. Prof. Marcus Dejardin (Namur University –BELGIUM)
  • Prof. Domingo García (Cartagena Technical University –SPAIN)
  • Prof. Jill Kickul (NYU -USA)
  • Ass. Prof. Jean Bonnet (University of Caen –FRANCE)
  • Prof Leo P. Dana (University of Canterbury & GSCM-Montpellier Business School -NEW-ZEALAND and FRANCE)
  • Prof. Roy Thurik (Erasmus University Rotterdam –THE NETHERLANDS)
  • Prof. Isabel Grilo (Catholic University of Louvain –BELGIUM)
  • Prof. Mark D. Griffiths, Jack Anderson Professor of Finance, (Miami University, Farmer School of Business – USA)
  • Prof. Dieter Bögenhold (Free University of Bolzano –ITALY)
  • Ass. Prof. Ingrid Verheul (Erasmus University Rotterdam –THE NETHERLANDS)
  • André van Stel (EIM Business and Policy Research Zoetermeer –THE NETHERLANDS)
  • Ass. Prof. Antonio Duréndez (Polytechnic University of Cartagena –SPAIN)
  • Ass. Prof. Gines Hernandez (Polytechnic University of Cartagena –SPAIN)
  • Prof. Nicolas Le Pape (University of Le Mans –FRANCE)
  • Ass. Prof. Sylvie Cieply (University of Caen –FRANCE)
  • Dr. Laurent Protin (director of the incubator of Caen –FRANCE)
  • Prof. Robert Owen (University of Nantes –FRANCE)
  • Prof. Csaba Deák (University of Miskolc -HUNGARY)
  • Prof. Stefania Testa University of Genoa -ITALY)
  • Prof. Didier Chabaud (Normandy Business School, –FRANCE)
  • Ass. Prof. Thierry Gonard (ESC Rouen –FRANCE)
  • Ass. Prof Karine Chapelle (University of Le Havre –FRANCE)

PHD Students

  • Amélie Jacquemin (Université Catholique de Louvain –BELGIUM)
  • Peter van der Zwan (Erasmus University Rotterdam -THE NETHERLANDS)
  • Sylvain Luc (Facultés Universitaire Notre Dame de la Paix, Namur -BELGIUM)
  • Servane Delanoë (ESC Rennes School of Business –FRANCE)
  • Thomas Brau (Ufr de Sciences Economiques et de Gestion, Caen –FRANCE)

The registration fees for the conference are 150 Euros

They will include :
  • Accommodation: three nights, two lunches, one dinner
  • Guided tour of the landing beaches




19-20th of June


Howard Van Auken (Iowa State University –USA)

Jean Bonnet (Caen University –FRANCE)

Marcus Dejardin (Namur University – BELGIUM)

Domingo García (Cartagena Technical University –SPAIN)

Jill Kickul (Miami University – USA)

We thank the following institutions for their financial support without that this project would have been not possible, Region of Basse-Normandie, University of Caen Basse-Normandie, City Council of Caen, Research Laboratory CREM UMR CNRS 6211

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